Rapid manufacturing

In addition to its design and checking skills, our company deploys a significant number of rapid manufacturing processes and know-hows.




Rapid manufacturing - High Speed Machining (HSM)Rapid manufacturing - Machined part


It is the historical core business of our company. Subtractive manufacturing allows high precision parts production, with dimensions until 5 800 x 1 200 x 2 500 millimeters. Many different materials are used : steel, aluminium, carbon, resin, polystyrene, etc.


We combine CNC centers and High Speed Machining (HSM) so as to provide high quality within the time limit :


    • 7 HSM centres (3 and 5 axis), 2 300 x 1 200 x 900 mm


    • 3 large dimensions machining centres, 5 800 x 1 200 x 2 500 mm


 An experimented team also have an expert knowledge of most traditional
subtractive processes : milling, turning, electro-erosion, wire grinding, cutting up, etc.


Rapid manufacturing - Traditional machining Rapid manufacturing - Turning




Rapid manufacturing - Selective Laser Sintering powder Rapid manufacturing - Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Rapid manufacturing - Selective Laser Sintered part


With a 25 years experience in additive manufacturing, we rely on advanced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and stereolithography (SLA) technologies. These « layer by layer » manufacturing processes extend our possibilities in terms of parts complexity and realization speed. Ateliers Cini is committed in a dynamic Research & Development policy and now offers a full range of innovative and « 3D printable » materials. These materials can combine several reinforced features : air and water tightness, chemical resistance, high thermal and mechanical properties, wear improvement, etc.
Thus, manufacturing high performance parts with an increased lifetime provides our clients an excellent return on investment.
We offer a large range of high performance materials for both technologies :


    • SLA : standard resin, high temperature resin


    • SLS : Polyamide (PA), reinforced PA, elastomer, polystyrene for lost wax foundry,
      patented PAQc® composite, patented photoluminescent composite, etc.


Patented SLS material PAQc® & Patented SLS photoluminescent material:
Rapid manufacturing - Selective Laser Sintered high performance partRapid manufacturing - Selective Laser Sintered part (patented photoluminescent material)




CINI Modelling Division groups many know-hows together, in order to create exact polystyrene, resin or wood models. It is a true value creator for foundry owners. Small and medium series of carbon or glass fiber parts are realized by our stratification teams. They are often involved in high requirements projects.


Rapid manufacturing - Modelling

Rapid manufacturing - Stratification




More parts than rapid prototyping, less tools deduction than injection… Vacuum casting is the manufacturing compromise. In fact, this process allows us to realize small and medium plastic parts series (resin, elastomer, etc.) with optimized costs.


Rapid manufacturing - Vacuum casting part

Rapid manufacturing - Silicon mold