Composite Innovative Polymers project

Research & Development : composites of the future


Medical industry and composites


Supported by the ‘Pacte Lorraine’ program, collaborative project Composite Innovative Polymers is lead by Ateliers Cini and its 3 research partners : Institut Jean Lamour, Surgery School of Nancy-Lorraine and Inria Nancy – Grand Est.


Its objective is the development of innovative composites for automotive, aeronautics and medical industries.


Operation launched thanks to Lorraine Regional Council and Grand Nancy Urban Community financial backing, not forgetting precious support from Materalia Competitive Cluster !

Ateliers Cini at Paris Air Show 2015

Aeronautics and space


Paris Air Show 2015


Photoluminescent parts on a promising drone…


Leading multiple research projects on innovative materials, Ateliers Cini want to provide evolved functionnal parts to aeronautics industry. To fulfill this objective, the company understands today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s challenges by exhibiting next to key actors at Paris Air Show 2015.


Visible on our stand, Eclipse 6NV drone made by French start-up Dronavia is the first drone able to re-emit light energy without power consumption, so as to complete air missions in dark environements.


Quasi-crystals and Nobel Prize 2011.



Quasi-crystals - Daniel Shechtman


The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2011 honours the discovery of “quasi-crystals”.


Our CEO had the honour of meeting the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2011, the Israeli scientist Daniel Shechtman. Quasi-crystals discovery deeply changes the way scientists conceive the solid material. It is a mosaic-shaped chemical structure. In powder of quasi-crystalline aluminium form, Ateliers CINI have taken out a patent for a new material, in partnership with CNRS. The composite material is used in rapid prototyping and affords extraordinary properties (cf PAQc on our website). This material offers improved mechanical properties, better wear resistance and friction decrease.

Strong with this success, Ateliers Cini already work on other material-oriented projects.