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"Design, manufacturing, checking: a three steps activity."

Design & calculation

Design - CAD and calculation expert

Designing well


Design and calculation is the first link in the chain of Ateliers Cini activities. To provide reliable and optimized studies, we combine our team’s experience with powerful 3D softwares as CATIA.


Manufacturing - Traditional machining

Manufacturing well


Multi-materials and multi-processes … That’s what describes Ateliers Cini manufacturing the best. We make a point of maintaining a high skill level in many different technologies : subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing, stratification, etc.
Therefore, our production tool is highly complementary.

Assembly / Adjustment / Checking


Checking it !


Designing well, manufacturing well and being able to check it ! That is Ateliers Cini Checking Teams’ mission. These specialists can work with parts and assemblies until 6 000 x 3 000 x 1 500mm, keeping a very high precision level.